Rating Scale

Rating Scale

6 Stars – Outstanding. A favorite of the year.

A rare star rating and usually marks a book that will be staying with us for a while and probably make our list of favorites of the year. The writing is superb and flawless with complex and unique characters, and intriguing story line without any inconsistencies that moved along without boring us. It’s not your typical story, but one so exceptionally unique we can’t stop talking about it. Comes highly recommended. MUST READ!

5 Stars – Amazing

This book has an incredible story line with complex and well-rounded characters. The writing is flawless and powerful with strong characters. The storyline is unpredictable. The plot, as well as the writing style, were consistent and well-developed, pulling us into the story from page one.

4.5 Stars – Loved It

This is another great book, but it lacked some tiny aspect to make it perfect. It either has something lacking in plot, or character development, or has to many grammatical and/or editorial mistakes to ignore, distracting us from the story.

4 Stars – Really Liked it

A book we’ve fully enjoyed. The characters and story are well-thought out and entertaining. Yet, that extra something to make it stand out is missing. It’s a book that has quite a bit of room for improvement. Usually, the story is a little too predictable, or the characters are too two-dimensional and we couldn’t relate to them. Many of our books will probably have this rating, since we’re honest and selective. Yet, we still recommend these books to everyone.

3 Stars – It was okay. We still liked it.

This rating is usually for a book that we felt rather indifferent about. We will have enjoyed the story line, the characters, and the writing, but it’s not a book we will remember for a long time. We most likely have had issues with the writing style (weak and inconclusive), the character development (unlikeable characters), and/or the editing (too many errors). Another issue we might have had with this book is that certain themes or messages made us very uncomfortable.

Below 3 Stars – Wasn’t for us.

Books we will not review unless we felt compelled to do so for whatever reason. These are books we finished, but had some major issues with. We cannot recommend these books in good conscience. Most of us won’t review them.