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#BlogTour Deep Control (Dark Dominance #2) by Annabel Joseph #5Stars #Review #ContemporaryRomance #Series #MustRead #Excerpt #Standalone #BDSM @annabeljoseph @SocialButterflyPRDeep Control by Annabel Joseph
Genres: Contemporary Romance

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Not all fantasies are safe, sane, and consensual. Welcome to the world of The Gallery…
Devin’s a pilot and playboy, as well as a Gallery Dominant known for his sadistic desires. Ella is a famed physicist whose quiet intelligence masks a depraved longing for pain. When the two connect in a foreign dungeon, neither knows that one of them will soon save the other’s life.
From such dramatic beginnings, a mutual friendship grows, along with a daring D/s relationship. Is their play merely sensual, or do their feelings run deeper? Within the opulent walls of The Gallery, Devin and Ella explore ever-expanding limits and test the boundaries of trust…



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I’m so excited; I’ve added Deep Control to my list of favorite books to re-read. A list, that until now, that had only one other book in this sub-genre on it. If you’re a BDSM lover this is one book you won’t want to miss! It’s the second book in the Dark Dominance series, the emphasis on dominance, make no mistake about it, this author knows her Doms. And fair warning, she writes some pretty sadistic Doms, much to my heart’s delight! Mercy, my #1 favorite book I’ve re-read countless time, by Ms. Joseph that I’ve shamefully neglected to review, is a perfect example of how it’s done right. The story’s told in dual POV and it has some amazing secondary characters one of which I can’t wait to read his story.  It moves at a fast pace, with lots and lots of heavy action, and I couldn’t put it down until the very end!

Dr. Ella Novatny is a brilliant astrophysicist, working in Pisa at a prestigious think tank, but was forced to accept a job in NYC. Since it’s her last night in Pisa she has a going away party, at Via Sofferenza, the perfect club for Sadists to play and for a submissive like her to be pushed to their limits.

Devin Kincaid, a pilot for the airline his family owns, is in town because he’s agreed to accompany a nervous passenger with a severe case of aviophobia, on a trans-Atlantic flight. And since he knows Tuscany well he decides to spend the night at his favorite kink club. He knows Sadists like him are welcomed and will find willing partners to play with. As expected, and much to his delight, he finds the perfect partner to scene with. One that had a sign taped to her stomach that said:

“My last night here. Help me have fun.”

And what fun she was having! The gorgeous blond was blind folded, ball gagged and tied spread eagle and surrounded by a group of men, all of whom are helping her have fun. When Devin’s invited to join in, he doesn’t hesitate, this is exactly the kind of submissive he enjoys. Afterwards he retreats and from a distance observes how her Dom took care of her and her reaction.

“If you were mine, you wouldn’t look at me so casually. There’d be a lot more fear in those eyes.”

Imagine his surprise when he discovers his nervous passenger he has to accompany is the beautiful blond from the club. The scientist really does have an irrational fear of flying, and the fact that she recognizes him from the club doesn’t calm her nerves.

When these two make it to NYC, where Devin’s based, they agree to continue playing together at The Gallery, an exclusive club, where he’s a Master. It’s a club where the submissives aren’t exclusive, and everyone shares, something he’s never had a problem with in the past. His friend, one of the owners, Milo is especially taken with the nerdy doctor. Both Devin and Ella aren’t looking for a relationship, they both have issues in their past that have hardened their hearts, and when they deny their feelings things take a turn for the worse.

I loved this story and can’t wait to read the next book in the series that will feature Milo.

By: Dora


Deep Control by Annabel Joseph


Deep Control-AN

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He shook his head and walked away, going for his clothes, dressing for a flight he’d take later, a flight I wouldn’t be on. He must understand that. I could never get on another plane, or a boat, or anything that would take me over the vast, unforgiving ocean that lapped this island’s shore.

Tears welled in my eyes as I stepped into my panties and then pulled a pair of jeans over my sore butt. I rummaged for a fresh t-shirt, and came up with one that said Astrophysicists Do It With Large Objects, a going-away gift from my Via Sofferenza friends. I shoved that back under the pile and chose a plain, faded blue one.

“Do you mind going to your own room now?” I said. “I need to do some work.”

“Yes, I fucking mind.”

His sharp reply took me aback. “Are you angry with me?”

“Angry? No. Confused. A little annoyed with the way you run hot and cold.” He glanced down at his shirt, also a faded blue tee. We looked like twins. He snorted and poked the air between us. “We’ve had sex twice now. I’ve fucked every one of your holes, twice without protection. I saved your life, and you don’t trust me?”

“I trust you. I don’t trust airplanes!”

“I’m telling you, they’re safe. Air travel is the safest form of transportation, safer even than walking. What happened yesterday was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

“Why does this matter so much to you?” I raised my voice, cutting him off. “If you want to get on a plane and fly to New York, then do it. That’s fine, I won’t stop you, but I’m not going. I’m staying here.”

Even as I said it, I knew I sounded ridiculous. I couldn’t stay in the Azores forever, only because I was afraid to fly.

“You’re going with me,” he said, yelling across the gap between us. After all we’d done together, all the ways he’d groped me, we couldn’t seem to touch each other in our matching shirts. “I said I’d get you to New York, and I’m going to get you to New York.”

“You don’t need to get me to New York,” I said. “I’m thirty years old. I have a doctorate in astrophysics and cosmology. I’m a grown-up person and I’ll be fine.”

“Grown-up people fly on airplanes,” he snapped.

I took a step back, trying to understand why he made me feel so harried, so scattered. It wasn’t only my fear of flying, and that he was a pilot. It was fear of him, fear of his skill at taking over my body. As we stood there, glaring at each other, I imagined gravitational waves crashing between us, red and angry and jagged. I could lose myself in him, in this man whose career was based on my deepest phobia…

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Annabel publishes with Ellora's Cave and Loose Id in addition to her own imprint, Scarlet Rose Press. She also writes non-BDSM erotic romance under the name Molly Joseph. You can sign up to receive Annabel's newsletter here: http://wordpress.us7.list-manage.com/...

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