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#BlogTour Not About Love by Hilaria Alexander #5Stars #Review #Excerpt #ContemporaryRomance #FavoriteAuthor #Standalone @hilarialexanderNot About Love by Hilaria Alexander
Genres: Contemporary Romance

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

We were both stubborn and independent.
So wrong for each other, not that that was an issue for us.
Because Boyd Rivers had one rule: ONE NIGHT ONLY.
And that was fine by me.
We didn’t even live in the same country.
So it's not like we saw each other often.
But when we did see each other it always ended the same way...in bed.
And the world around us would disappear.
Nothing mattered.
Not the fighting.
Not the chaos.
Not the distance.
When we were together, it was easy to believe we were made for each other.
But we weren’t. This wasn't about love.
It was just no-strings-attached sex.
Or so I thought.
But sometimes, fate has other plans…can it really be not about love?



Not About Love is a Standalone but it follows on the heels of This Love and I’d recommend reading the latter first as the characters are mentioned in both books. This is Ally and Boyd’s story and I’m almost afraid of saying I enjoyed it, more! It’s told in alternating POV and I loved both characters and their “voices” equally.  Both Ally and Boyd’s backgrounds had scarred them and made them unapologetic of their lifestyles and choices. It took someone that had the same hard-shelled exterior, protecting their heart, to crack through the other’s shell. But when they manage to break it, without causing too much damage, it’s so worth it!

Alberta “Ally” Ferris was an attorney, working and living in Amsterdam, for the last ten years. She’d moved there after a devastating breakup, to get away from any reminders, having been ghosted before the term was even coined. As a result she refused to believe in love or relationships. Casual, one night stands were all she wanted or needed. After hooking up with her best friend Ella’s almost brother-in-law, Boyd, for a one and done, she was a little surprised when they kept repeating it every time they ran into each other. Ally didn’t mind, she lived in Europe and he lived in NYC, so it’s not like they could, if they wanted to, be in a relationship.  There was just something about Boyd she couldn’t explain.

“You’re indifferent to him. Completely indifferent. You have to believe it, and others will believe it, too. This man has no power over you.”

Jackson Boyd Rivers was an Instagram “it” boy, famous for his physique, he owned a chain of Crossfit gyms, and good looks. He avoided relationships, or getting involved with anyone, after his one and only girlfriend had crushed his heart. He was a proud manwhore, making it clear to everyone upfront, that all he wanted or was interested in was one night. Now in his thirties, he hadn’t necessarily grown tired of his one and done rule but, seeing Lou and Ella made him start to question him lifestyle. He justified hooking up with Ally, and breaking his steadfast rule more than once. It helped she was in her thirties, too. Boyd felt she was mature enough to handle a repeat without making conjectures about a non-existent future together. She was his kindred spirit, so to speak. Ally was independent, not at all clingy, and was his equal in the sack. All pluses, they seemed to be on the same page, and it was mutually beneficial to them.

“We were just having fun, there was nothing else going on between us. Nothing.

Even if we lived in the same country, I knew there could never be anything between us. We had hardly anything in common. Our lifestyles were lightyears apart. We lived in different countries, on different continents. Even if we wanted to, there could never be anything.”

Even with all the barriers in place, keeping them apart and seemingly uninvolved, they have to admit there’s something between them. I loved this beautiful story! I sat down and read it in one sitting; the writing is so heartfelt and poignant.  Both Ally and Boyd’s past relationships were so painful to hear, and when they finally revealed their past, I felt I was listening in on someone’s Sacrament of Penance. I believe confession is good for the soul and it did wonders for both of them!

By: Dora


“Boyd, I can’t fucking believe you!” Ally yelled. “How could you be so careless?” she asked in disbelief.
“I was drunk!” I said, trying to excuse myself. I knew it wasn’t a good enough excuse. I was guilty. She had every right to yell at me.
“That’s no excuse! I was drunk, too, but if you had told me you weren’t wrapping it up, I would have done it myself!”
“Oh, please! You didn’t even realize I didn’t have one on. That’s how far gone you were, too!” She scowled, and I shrugged as she let out an exasperated growl. The fact that I was trying to downplay it made her even more mad.
“If it makes you feel any better, it felt wonderful. You felt wonderful. If I could go back…I’d probably do it again.” She raised her eyebrows, and her eyes widened in disbelief.
“How I felt? So you go from having total amnesia to remembering details of that night? Do you want to know how I’ve really felt in the last few weeks? This whole time I thought it had been my fault! I thought I had done something wrong.” She raised her hands up in the air and gave me a pointed look. The woman did know how to be dramatic, but I had to hand it to her…she wore it well. I didn’t hate the scowl on her face, especially if it meant I’d have to work my way back in. I loved to chase her. I’d chase her to a bedroom for the rest of my life.
“You thought it was your fault? And, enlighten me…what could you have possibly done wrong? Made my condom disappear with one of those magic moves of yours?”
“Haha, very funny. I should be even more pissed at you now, especially after all those weeks of not hearing from you at all. You just signed your death sentence, buddy,” she said with a sly smile, her index finger pressed to my chest.
“Come on, sweetheart. Let’s kiss and make up. That’s all behind us. I’m here, with you. Let’s hug it out. I’ll make it worth your while.” I opened my arms to embrace her, but she shoved me away. She was about to slap me, but I raised both my hands to cover myself. I did it to tease her more than for self-defense, and it worked. She tried to keep a straight face, but the tight line of her lips turned into a smile, and she started laughing.
I laughed with her, thinking this was the first time in a long time I’d felt truly happy. Our eyes locked. This time, when I went in for a hug, she let me embrace her.
I kissed her on the lips.
“It was meant to be, Red. It only happened once, and you and I both know we had sex dozens of times. Just once, and yet, my little sperm made it all the way to your egg and scored a big, fat touchdown. What are the odds, huh?” She closed her eyes and shook her head. I tipped her chin up with my finger.
“Look at me,” I told her. She did as I asked. Our eyes locked, and after a few seconds, the angry glare changed into a softer look.
“Meant to be, you say.”
I smiled. “Mmm.” I nuzzled her neck, trailing kisses on her skin, and she sighed.
“You think I have magic moves?” she asked in a low, breathy voice. I stopped and looked at her. I smiled, the fire in her eyes rendering me powerless. Was I ever going to stop wanting this woman? Seal the deal, a voice inside me said. I pushed the thought away and focused on her lips, then my eyes traveled to her gorgeous breasts. They had gotten even bigger since she’d gotten pregnant, and I couldn’t say I didn’t love that. Now that she was a few months in, her curves were even softer, her belly slowly shaping up as our son or daughter kept growing. She was beautiful, all around.
“You do have magic moves. Those hips of yours don’t lie.” My hands grabbed her hips, and I rocked myself against her. She let out a sigh.
“One thing is for sure,” she murmured. “We’re really, really good at this.”



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This Love Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30304314-this-love

Not About Love Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25990915-not-about-love

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About Hilaria Alexander

Hilaria Alexander was born and raised in the south of Italy, where her family still lives. She was bit by the travel bug early on and lived in Tokyo and Orlando for a while before settling down in Oklahoma City with her husband and kids.
She loves books - obviously - as well as movies and TV, and is addicted to award shows. She can't play an instrument to save her life, but she loves music, which is one of her biggest inspirations when plotting new stories. If you have questions about her or her books, ask her on Facebook and Twitter, or email her at hilaria_alexander@outlook.com.


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