#newrelease Lucky Number Eleven by Adriana Locke #4.5stars #review #ContemporaryRomance #sportsromance @AuthorALocke

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#newrelease Lucky Number Eleven by Adriana Locke #4.5stars #review #ContemporaryRomance #sportsromance @AuthorALockeLucky Number Eleven by Adriana Locke
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Sports

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

People say not to believe the things you read in magazines, but you know what? Most things you’ve heard about me are probably true.
I totally banged the reporter in the locker room after the championship game last year.
Those pictures in Expose from last summer? Those were not modified.
I’m also not really six-foot tall. (But let’s keep that between us.)
Now, I know you’re wondering about that last Expose headline—the one about me and my teammate (and ex-best friend) Finn Miller’s sister, Layla James. That one is a little more complicated.
Here’s the thing: I’ve played football my whole life. If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to adjust when the game changes. And if there’s one thing I always do, it’s find a way to win.
Granted, the stakes are higher. The playbook has changed. There’s more on the line than (another) MVP title. But guess what hasn’t changed? Me. I’m still Branch “Lucky” Best and I’m not about to fumble this one.
Grab a seat and a subscription to Expose. I’m about to make some headlines. (Again.)



Lucky Number Eleven is part of the Expose Magazine collection of Romance and it’s a Standalone. I loved this story; it’s not too heavy or saccharine sweet, just the right combination of smart and funny with an awesome surprise thrown in! For the Romance lovers in us it has the right amount of sighs at the end.

Branch “Lucky” Best is a wide receiver for a pro football team in Chicago. He’s also a notorious playboy, not wanting to settle down; he’s seen how his fellow team mates treat their wives and girlfriends while they’re on the road. He’s aware that 80% of NFL marriages end in divorce and he’d like to avoid that statistic while he can.  His best friend, Finn Miller, a tight end on the team, has a family cabin on Lake Michigan and invites Branch there for the weekend before the preseason starts.

Layla James is Finn’s younger, gorgeous sister. She invites her best friend, Poppy Quinn, to the Lake house for the weekend unaware that Finn and Branch are already there. She had to get away, her ex-boyfriend Callum Worthington, a quarterback for the Columbus Tigers, was in the news and she wanted to avoid it. Callum decided to take a well-known model to Tahiti, instead of Layla, on a trip that she had planned for them to be on before they broke up. While she’s upset with him Layla isn’t too sure she was really in love with him. Although it’s been three months since they broke up  she’s more hurt than angry; wondering if he cheated on her the entire time they were together.

My anger isn’t even from losing him. It’s from feeling like I was a little placeholder in his bed until he was ready to move a new body in my place.”

The weekend turns out to be a pleasant surprise.  It seems that Poppy and Finn have a little “friends with benefits” relationship going on that they hadn’t mentioned. And while Poppy insists that Layla needs to stay away from football players, it seems almost impossible to not be carried away by Branch’s charm and flirty ways. He is a bona fide lady’s man. He also chooses to ignore Finn’s warning to stay away from his sister. Too bad they decide not to listen to anyone and instead they take advantage of the weekend.

“Maybe it would’ve been nice not to feel like I was a point on the scoreboard.”

“You don’t know that’s what it is.”

“Oh, I do. At least number two. I just don’t want to look at him, Pop. I don’t want to look at him and know I was ‘Saturday and Sunday,’ you know? I need a little dignity.”

Oh, poor Layla is going to have more than “spreader’s remorse” as Poppy so delicately says. This story had me pulling an all-nighter, I wanted to see what was going to happen, and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it! I loved Branch and Layla, their back and forth was witty and hilarious.  I really want Finn and Poppy to have their own story, I loved these two, and everyone needs a Poppy as a best friend. The Expose Magazine articles, in key places, lent just the right insider gossip to the story and I look forward to many more Expose books.

By: Dora


About Adriana Locke

USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke lives and breathes books. After years of slightly obsessive relationships with the flawed bad boys created by other authors, Adriana has created her own.

She resides in the Midwest with her husband, sons, and two dogs. She spends a large amount of time playing with her kids, drinking coffee, and cooking. You can find her outside if the weather's nice and there's always a piece of candy in her pocket.


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