#ReleaseBlitz Life Plus One by Rachel Robinson #5stars #FriendstoLovers #Military #FavoriteAuthor #MustRead

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#ReleaseBlitz Life Plus One by Rachel Robinson #5stars #FriendstoLovers #Military #FavoriteAuthor #MustReadLife Plus One by Rachel Robinson
on August 17, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Military

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ben Brahms shed his glasses, gangly body, and a life long pact to attend an Ivy League college with his best friend the day the world took on a sinister hue. With his outward appearance matching his new career as a Navy SEAL, Ben is saving the world…literally, at the expense of everything he gave up. A whole life.


Harper Rosehall honors the pact. She takes on, and then dominates college on the opposite coast. Always the geek, and always behind socially—especially with men, she blossoms. With her moral compass guiding her, she finds herself drawn back to San Diego and all she left behind.


With memories from their pasts haunting every interaction and decision in their present—and future, their timing never seems to be quite right.

A marriage.
A baby.

Some friendships last the test of time, can Ben and Harper’s stand the tests of life?
Life doesn’t care what you love, it takes it away anyways.

There is a reason Rachel Robinson is one of my favorite authors. I read her first book, Crazy Good, when that was her only book. I was hooked and went looking for more, only to discover there weren’t anymore! So with each release, I get a little giddy. I read this book in one sitting. Few books have the power to utterly destroy you in the Prologue…but by the end, I was crying from the sheer beauty she gave us.

“Always. Just you and me, Harpee. Come on. You should know that nothing can tear us apart.”

This is the story of Harper and Ben, two best friends that have grown up together and plan to go off to college together. Then life happens, and Ben joins the military instead. Separated from each other for the first time, both have to learn to adjust to their new realities.

“When the light fades and the mute darkness washes over me, I don’t think of anything except every memory that has you in it.”

Ben and Harper’s story isn’t a straight shot to a happily ever after. There are many obstacles that come between them. I raged at them in my head a few times for the decisions they make. This book will pull on all your heartstrings, but the journey these two take is worth the pain to get there.

“The truth is, happily ever after was shot the second you became a SEAL.” There aren’t enough hours in a lifetime to tackle the monumental oceans between me and the person I’m closer to than anyone else in this world.”

I loved this book hard! Ben and Harper come to life with Rachel’s writing and I got sucked into their story. There are highs and lows, but I never gave up on these two even when it seems like all hope is lost. It’s real and raw…it’s life. Rachel’s words feed my soul and I’m so happy I get to read them again and again.

by Heavenly


About Rachel Robinson

Rachel grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words were always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. After living on the west coast for many years she recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA.


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