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#Review What About Us (Bluff Harbor, #2) by Emma Tharp #4Stars #NewRelease #Series @EmmaTharpAuthorWhat About Us by Emma Tharp
on August 1st, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Torn between her desire for the guy who has her heart and her loyalty to her best friend, Kate Bergman knows she must break her own heart to give her broken and fragile friend a shot at happiness.

But letting go of River McEwan is the hardest thing she's ever done. Moving on is even harder--especially when River doesn't want to let her go. As the two resist their passion for one another, Kate uncovers the truth about her best friend. As the three of them forge a new path of friendship and discovery, tragedy strikes. Now, it's up to Kate to fight for the only man she's ever loved. But can she make River forget about the past to find a future together? _________________________________

This book is intended for a mature audience. 18+



What About Us picks up where What About Her ends.  It’s book two of the “Bluff Harbor Series” and is the conclusion. I really recommend that you read the first book to know more about the story and all the characters.

Willow’s alive! She’d been missing for nine months, and has no memory of where she’s been, or what happened to her. Her parents had a memorial service for her, so sure she was not going to be found, while her best friend Katie was certain she was still alive. She’d no proof, just a feeling.  Even River, Willow’s boyfriend at the time, thought she was dead. Katie started dating River, despite the guilt she felt, having grown closer to him since her disappearance.  They’d all been friends since childhood and Katie had always been attracted to him. And now she’s back and Katie feels so guilty. She tells River they need to stop seeing each other; he needs to go back to Willow. He doesn’t want to, but Katie is dead set on doing the right thing, pretending they’re just friends.

“I’m not going to change my mind on this, okay? We don’t have a choice. This is the right thing to do.”

“I care for Willow, and I want to help her get her memory back. But I don’t want her anymore. I want you. It’s that simple.”

“How exactly are you going to ‘move past’ your feelings?”

“I’m not sure yet. We’ll figure it out. Of course we’re going to stay friends. I can’t lose you completely.”

  Katie renews her friendship with Lane Powers and makes River think that they’re dating. That should convince River to stay with Willow. Poor, naïve Katie thinks she can just turn on and off her feelings.

And, what about Willow? Where’s she been these last 9 months? Does she really not remember anything, like she claims? There are still so many strange things about her disappearance that don’t add up. Katie continues to dig into her story and it’s soon obvious that she and Willow aren’t as close as they once were.

“I can tell there’s a lot going on with you. Why don’t you tell me and get it off your chest?”

That’s why I’m so lucky. My sister has always been here for me, no matter what’s going on. I nod and start spilling.

“You know my plan to get Willow and River back to and keep my friendship with her intact?”

“Oh yeah. That really dumb plan where you dump the best boyfriend you’ve ever had—the one that desperately loves and wants you—just so you can be a martyr for your best friend. How could I forget that plan?”

So many surprises! I kept trying to guess what had happened to Willow during those 9 months she was missing and just when I thought I knew there was a new twist! What About Us kept me in suspense. I desperately wanted to shake Katie a few times, to tell her not to be self-sacrificing, and just think about herself for a change. And poor River! In love with Katie and having to pretend that he and Willow were still involved. Can he forgive Katie? Will their friendship survive? Hmmmmm…read for yourself to find out!

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