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#Review Captain by Lauren Rowe #Newtomeauthor #RomCom #Favorite #MustRead @laurenrowebooksCaptain by Lauren Rowe
on May 15th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 356 pages
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

From, Lauren Rowe, the USA Today and International bestselling author of The Club Series and Ball Peen Hammer comes a sexy standalone romance: Captain.

It wasn’t the way this kind of story was supposed to go . . .Insta-love isn’t supposed to turn into insta-hate.
But that’s exactly what happened when the hot-as-hell dreamboat I met in a bar turned out to be a lying, cheating scumbag-player-douche looking for nothing but a little side action. Jerk.

And he has the nerve to call me a liar and a “sociopath”? Assh*le.
And now, three months later, through a mind-blowing series of events I couldn’t have predicted in a million years, it turns out my boss is marrying his sister in Hawaii and I’ve got to play nice with him for an entire freaking week.

Okay, sure, I’ll put on a happy face this week and act like I’ve never even met the jerk before--did I mention his sister is marrying my boss?--but that doesn’t mean I’ll like it. And it certainly doesn’t mean I’ll stop secretly hating the cocky bastard’s guts.
Because I do.I hate him. I really do.

I just wish my brain would explain the situation to my body . . . because every time he flashes that panty-melting smile at me, it takes all my self-restraint not to jump the bastard’s hot-as-f*ck bones.


We all have that one friend who recommends a book and you jump at the chance to read said book. This is what happened to me with Captain by Lauren Rowe. My most trusted book friend sang its praises for weeks and I simply had to see what all the fuss was about. I’m so excited I chose to listen to her because this book was everything she promised and more.

This is the story of Ryan Morgan and Teresa Rodriguez, or as they are known throughout the rest of the book, Captain and T-Rod. Ryan meets a beautiful woman in a bar, who gives as good as she gets, and feels an instant connection to her. However, before they can move their connection along, they get interrupted… When they meet up again, 3 months later, things get explosive in more ways than one.

This book delivers exactly what you hope for in a romantic comedy. It is filled with excellent banter, epic nicknames, and a family dynamic you simply want to be a part of. Even more so, this insta-hate/love relationship that is at its core of the story is simply brilliant. I was so caught up in the story to see what either of them would do next that I was actually disappointed when it ended. I kept wanting more and more. Throw in exciting and well rounded secondary characters, and you have an absolutely awesome reading experience.

Even though Ball Peen Hammer is written before this, Captain takes place before the events of that book. I don’t feel like I was missing anything crucial by reading this first. Though I will say I was a little confused about the extensive use of nicknames, which threw me for a loop in the beginning. However, when I got used to it, it became one of the funniest elements of the whole book. The creativity and originality of some of them had me in tears on several occasions. Because of my initial confusion with all the different nicknames, I will rate Captain at 4.5 brilliant stars.

By Sandie

About Lauren Rowe

Lauren Rowe is the pen name of the USA Today, Amazon #1, and international #1 best-selling author of The Club Series and more. She's a performer, audio book narrator, award-winning songwriter and media host/personality who decided to unleash her alter ego to write The Club Series to ensure she didn't hold back or self-censor in writing the story. Lauren Rowe lives in San Diego, California where she lives with her family, sings with her band, hosts a show, and writes at all hours of the night. Find out more about The Club Series and Lauren Rowe's other books at www.LaurenRoweBooks.com.


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