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#Review Fighting Temptation (Men of Honor #1) by K.C. Lynn #Favoriteseries #FavoriteAuthor #Military @AuthorKCLynnFighting Temptation Series: Men of Honor #1
on January 18th, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Military
Pages: 399
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Jaxson is arrogant, angry and aggressive. Yet he’s also beautiful, strong and honorable. I unconditionally and irrevocably love every damaged part of him. And for the boy, who didn’t believe in love, he would always and forever have mine. ~Julia Sinclair

Julia was different from anyone I’d ever met. I never thought someone so good and genuine existed until her. The more I saw of her the more I became addicted to her. Every time I was around her she would destroy some of the darkness that lurked inside of me. She made the bad shit in my life seem not so terrible. Then, before I knew it, I had fallen for a girl from another world. ~Jaxson Reid

Two unlikely friends—the innocent, good girl and the notorious bad boy. One fateful night brought them together, and they formed a bond—one so strong it was unbreakable—until one night they gave into temptation.
Fast forward five years and Jaxson is back to fix the mistakes he’s made with the only girl who’s ever mattered to him. Only someone isn’t happy with his return, someone who thinks Julia is theirs and they will stop at nothing to make sure it stays that way—forever.

Jaxson will not only fight to protect Julia, but will also battle the new and existing demons that haunt his soul from death, corruption, destruction and war.


Fighting Temptation is the first book in K.C. Lynn’s Men of Honor series, it was my first of her books and she grabbed hold of my heart from the get-go and now I mark my calendar months in advance for her next release.

Jaxson Reid and Julia Sinclair are an unlikely pair of friends and have been close since he rescued her one night long ago. Jaxson thinks he’s no good and believes everyone in town who says he’s a loser because of who his father was but Julia sees something in Jaxson that no one else does. To her he is beautiful, strong and honorable.

Years later after a falling out Jaxson returns, now an honored SEAL, with one mission in mind – he wants Julia back in his life. He’s seen too much bad shit over the last few years and he desperately needs her to remind him of the good again. However that won’t be an easy feat. Julia is still hurt by what Jaxson did over a year ago. She’s tried her best to move on and not think of Jaxson every second of every day but it seems now that he is back that it’s going to be hard to resist him.

I loved this story so much because I could literally feel the heartache and the pull between these two. Even though Jaxson tries to push her away almost at every turn because he doesn’t think he’s good enough Julia never gives up on showing him that he is good enough to be loved. His protectiveness and jealousy when anyone as much as looks at Julia the wrong way is just plain hot, and K.C. Lynn knows how to delivery on those steamy promises.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that this book also introduced two other sexy SEALS Sawyer Evans and Cade Walker. As I have come to learn after reading almost all of K.C.’s books she is a master at putting her readers through the emotional ringer. One minute your laughing at one of the many times Jaxson acts like a crazed man when it comes to Julia and the next your crying as you learn of the horrors he has gone through while fighting in Iraq.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again only a truly gifted storyteller can evoke such responses from its readers. This book is beautiful in its writing and is such a powerful start to the series, which is why it deserves 4.5 stars from me.

By Sandie


About K.C Lynn

K.C. Lynn is a small town girl living in Western Canada. She grew up in a family of four children—two sisters and a brother. Her mother was the lady who baked homemade goods for everyone on the street and her father was a respected man who worked in the RCMP. He’s since retired and now works for the criminal justice system. This being one of the things that inspires K.C. to write romantic suspense about the trials and triumphs of our heroes.

K.C. married her high school sweetheart and they started a big family of their own—two adorable girls and a set of handsome twin boys. They still reside in the same small town but K.C.’s heart has always longed for the south, where everyone says ‘y’all’ and eats biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

It was her love for romance books that gave K.C. the courage to sit down and write her own novel. It was then a beautiful world opened up and she found what she was meant to do…write. When K.C.’s not spending time with her beautiful family she can be found in her writing cave, living in the fabulous minds of her characters and their stories.



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