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#BlogTour #Review Scotus by Selena Laurence #SecondChanceRomance @InkslingerPR @SELENALAURENCE

#BlogTour #Review Scotus by Selena Laurence #SecondChanceRomance @InkslingerPR @SELENALAURENCEScotus by Selena Laurence
Series: Powerplay
on May 1st 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 250 pages
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

A second chance romance set in the political intrigue of Washington DC.

She holds his darkest secrets…He is her deepest regret.
Teague Roberts is a Supreme Court nominee on the fast track to the nation's highest legal job. As the best friend of the President's husband, he's a favored son in Washington, and a man used to getting everything he wants. But Teague also hides a secret, and it could explode his nomination, as well as the image he's spent years crafting.

Deanna Forbes is Washington's hottest new investigative reporter, and Teague's ex-fiancee. Her history with the only man she's ever loved is complicated and filled with remorse. When she's assigned to report on his nomination, Teague knows things won't end well. Deanna could topple his house of cards.

As the confirmation hearings heat up, and sparks fly between the former lovers, they must both decide what matters more--the job or the person, ambition or heart. And when a delicate dance toward reconciliation begins, more secrets will be revealed, old betrayals will be unearthed, and two fractured souls will have one last chance at forever. In the city where deception burns bright, will Teague and Deanna rekindle their love, or flame out once and for all?


Teague walked along the sidewalk outside the White House, trying his damnedest to figure out why he’d asked her to coffee. Bloody hell, as Kamal would say, had he lost his mind? In those moments in the press conference when he’d been replying to questions while he struggled not to look at her, he’d felt like twelve years had been stripped away in one supercharged moment. He still felt less than, and she was still the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

Her thick dark hair was long, just the way he’d always loved it, and certain parts of his anatomy had no trouble remembering how he used to wrap those silky tresses around his hands as he pumped into her from behind, long and slow.

Her skin was as clear and unlined as the day he’d met her, and her sky-blue eyes were just as sparkling and mischievous, promising that everything going on behind them wasn’t innocent and sweet.

But her body. My God, her body. She’d put on weight, in all the best places. She’d always had an athletic build, long, muscular legs, and broad shoulders. Now she had an even more defined ass, tits that made his hands itch to mold them, and curves for miles.

He never should have asked her out for coffee. What the hell had he been thinking?

“How about here?” she asked as they approached the Beltway Bean.

“Sure,” he answered, leaning in to open the door and hold it for her. She smelled like strawberry wine, and his dick did a tango in his dress pants.

“You ever been here before?” he asked as they stepped into line at the bar.

“A few times,” she answered. “I like their cappuccinos.”

He chuckled. “You always were a connoisseur.”

The small shop was typically jammed, but after they got their drinks, he stalked a pair of senate interns until they got nervous and left. Grabbing the table they’d vacated, he waved her over, and they each took a chair at the high two top.

“So, what’s it been?” he asked, even though he knew exactly, nearly down to the minute. “Ten years?”

“Twelve,” she answered. “I was twenty and you were twenty-two the last time we had coffee.”

And sex, his mind added.

“Well, it appears the years have been good to you.”

“And obviously, they’ve been successful for you,” she added. They each sipped their drinks, the awkward bleeding all over them.

“So, you married? Living with someone?” he asked nonchalantly. Yeah, sure, that.

She shook her head. “No. I was seeing someone back in Boston where I moved from, but it wasn’t going anywhere.” She looked up at him from under her lashes. “And you?”

“No. No time for all that. I work eighty hours a week and spend the other few at the gym or sleeping. I’m not all that exciting.”

She shifted on her chair, and her blouse slipped a touch, giving him a peek at the cleavage that hid beneath. His heart raced and his skin heated.

“Well, from what I heard on the news earlier, today’s been enough excitement for a few years at least.”

He chuckled softly. “It’s been a strange day for sure.”


After reading Selena Laurence’s book Cade’s Loss, I jumped at the chance to read something new by this great writer. This book is a second chance romance with a political setting. It seemed so different from what I have been reading for months and it was certainly a breath of fresh air.
Teague Roberts have had dream since he was a kid; to be able to serve his country as a judge in the Supreme Court. He is the black kid from a poor neighborhood in Chicago, who changed his path from the possible gangs to Yale Law School and he is now the President’s squeaky-clean candidate to fill the seat on the Supreme Count. Unfortunately, Teague’s former girlfriend Deanna Forbes, who is the only one who knows the one secret that could ruin his career is a political reporter assigned to cover his nomination process, with a boss who is looking everywhere for a scandal.

Scotus contains very strong storyline, with character who seems so real, that it feels like watching tv and following a true nominee. But what it doe best, is the way it handles the theme of interracial relationships beautifully. The reader gets both sides of the coin, from Teague’s perspective from the poor black kid, who even as an adult questions everything about himself and how people perceive him, simply because of the color of his skin. On the other side is the white rich girl whose parents break them up with their racist comments.
One of the most difficult things about being a hardcore reader is the fact that it sometimes becomes to easy to guess the plot, which leaves us feeling, disappointed. At the other end of the scale, is the turn of events we never saw coming, which causes us to reflect the book in a whole new perspective. I was certain I had figured everything out and I just wanted to find out how they would pull off, and then suddenly the story twisted and I was left sobbing my poor heart out. That is why this book deserves 4.5 stars.

By Sandie

About Selena Laurence

Selena Laurence is a USA Today Bestselling author who loves Putting the Heat in Happily Ever After. In 2014 she was awarded the Reader’s Crown Award for Contemporary Romance of the Year. In 2015 her rock star romance A Lush Betrayal was a finalist in three national contests.

Selena lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her kids, Mr. L, “Goldendoodle” and “Demon Cat.” When she’s not writing she can be found at soccer games and tennis matches, or one of her favorite coffee shops


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