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#BlogTour Spied by J.M. Miller #Review #RomanticComedy #Standalone @jmmiller_authorSpied by J.M. Miller
on October 20, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
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Gia Keats works both sides of love’s dirty business. Some days are spent at Silhouette Bridal Boutique, helping brides prepare for their delusional walk to happily ever after. Other days she clocks hours for Duplicity, spying on cheaters and crushing their plans for future trysts. The two jobs are a solid reminder to ignore the dead thing inside her chest and to stay out of love’s sight. She never expected to get caught.

Love is also pretty far down on Mark Foster’s priority list. The closest thing he’s had to a relationship was two nights with a hottie tourist looking for an unforgettable vacation bang. But after he catches a gorgeous local spying on a public make-out session, his sour view of long-term turns a little sweet. He’ll even ignore the odd coincidences that follow her for a taste of the L word.

Falling for Mark’s charm would be easier than choosing a single item from a dessert menu, but Gia knows love’s never that simple.

When an anonymous Duplicity client hires her to target a Silhouette bride and groom, both sides of the business collide.

And Mark’s ties to the bride are the icing on the screwed up cake.

This book was a fun, easy, romantic comedy, with plenty of heart and an element of mystery. There were quite a few moments that left me giggling at the antics of the characters.

Gia works at her family’s bridal boutique, celebrating true love. Her other job, however, is running her own business, Duplicity, where she tracks down and exposes cheaters for her clients. Jaded from her own past relationship, she hardly believes there are any good guys left.

“I just had to go with it, let this perfectly chivalrous guy escort me into the adult store after only half a date, a mountain worth of my lies, and enough sexual tension to melt all the edible panties we’d pass inside. F**k.”

Mark is someone who avoids commitment by only hooking up with vacationers, so he never has to see them again. He inadvertently stumbles upon Gia while she is on a case. He can’t stop thinking about her, and she just wants to avoid getting caught. When Gia realizes Mark is the future brother-in-law of her latest target, hijinks and secrets ensue.

 “The last thing I wanted to do was break away from her. I needed more. But this was the first kiss, to show her what could be, what would be. What if.”

This was a great blend of sweet and sexy. I enjoyed the ongoing mystery of whether the groom was a cheater or not, and who exactly had hired Gia in the first place. I loved all the misunderstandings between Gia and Mark, and watching Gia try to explain her way out of them. If you like sweet and light with a touch of the hilarious, check this one out!

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