#Review Avow (The Murphy’s Law, 0.5) by Holly Mortimer #Series #SecondChance #Novella @mortimerwrites

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#Review Avow (The Murphy’s Law, 0.5) by Holly Mortimer #Series #SecondChance #Novella @mortimerwritesAvow by Holly Mortimer
Series: The Murphy's Law #0.5
on May 17, 2016
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The Murphy’s Law Series – Book 1
“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” – Murphy’s Law
I told her forever, but it seems forever meant something different to her. And now she’s back, claiming to love another and needing me to release her from our vows. If she thinks I have held out for this long and will give up that easily, then I’ll thoroughly enjoy teaching her that when I offer a vow to another, it’s an unbreakable one. She’s mine and I’ll do anything to keep it that way.

He told me forever, but one of us has to let the other go. I knew it would have to be me. He always was the sentimental one. He’ll see my disavowal as the worst possible betrayal. At least, I’m really hoping so. If he insists on pretending he still loves me after all this time, then it’s going to get messy. And I’m sick and tired of cleaning up my messes.

This was a short read that packed a punch. Secrets come to a head when these two long lost lovers are reunited after a ten year separation.

“When confronted with the man he had become, the girl inside me he had once loved wanted to weep.”

Married right out of high school, Chloe disappears right after her honeymoon night, never to be heard from again. Ryan has no idea what to make of what happened, but doesn’t expect the divorce papers that arrive shortly after. He refuses to sign them, convinced she will make her way back to him. Ten years later, she comes walking back into his life determined to get a divorce.

“She was it for me, always had been and always would be.”

Ryan has waited a long time for Chloe to come back to him. He’s not going to let her go until he knows once and for all what happened all those years ago. He has to find a way to get through to Chloe if they are ever going to move forward.

Things move quickly between these two. The story drew me in, and I couldn’t wait until everything was out in the open. This is a great start for a new series. Lots of side characters that I wanted to know more about. I really enjoyed Holly’s writing in this story of love’s second chance.

“I haven’t. Moved on, that is. Love ya as much today as I did back then. I’ve just been waiting for you to come to your senses and come back to me.”

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