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#Review Ravage (Scarred Souls #3) by Tillie Cole #Series #Favoriteauthor #DarkRomance @tillie_coleRavage by Tillie Cole
Series: Scarred Souls #3
on August 16th 2016
Pages: 336
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I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Taken by the Jakhua Clan as a teen, 194 was stripped of his name, his identity, and his freewill, meticulously honed to be a ruthless, soulless killing machine, trained solely to spill blood and stop hearts. This is a role he resents with every fiber of his being, but one he embraces to gain back the precious leverage the Georgians wield as their weapon of control: his younger sister, 152.

Mzia Kostava is in shock. After fleeing her mafia family's massacre in Georgia as a child, Mzia lives in secret, hiding from her enemies in the dark shadows of Manhattan. At age twenty-five, believing all her family is dead, word reaches Mzia that her brother Zaal is very much alive... and living with their family's greatest enemy: the Volkov Bratva in Brooklyn.

Yearning to be reunited with her beloved Zaal, Mzia risks her safety and anonymity for the brother she had mourned since childhood. But just as she reaches Zaal's apartment, Mzia is seized and taken captive by a strange man, who is strong, dark, and brutal... Unyielding, he demands her utter obedience as he locks her away in darkness. He is highly skilled in torture and inflicting pain, and demands to know everything about her brother Zaal and everything about her. He is a man that'll do anything to get what he wants.

Sometimes love requires the sacrifice and betrayal of those held most dear. But is finding one's true love worth committing the greatest sacrifice of all?

✯☆☆҉‿➹⁀ 5 STARS ☆҉‿➹⁀☆҉☆✯

Let me start this review by stating how much I love Tillie Cole’s books. But you should all know that by now, since I keep writing these love letters to her books, and this is no different. Her books keep me at the edge of my seat and capture my heart every single time. Basically, they never disappoint! But when I started this series last week, I was hesitant, since I’m not generally a fan of dark romances. But boy, did Tillie Cole one again put me to shame… I have been riding a literary high since I started and after the cliffhanger and jaw-dropper of an ending of Reap, I could not wait to read Ravage and get another fix of the beautifully broken characters of the Scarred Souls series. Tillie promised that this installment would be one of her absolute darkest one’s ever, and boy did she deliver!

Our lead man “194” was taken by Jakhua from an orphanage along with his beloved little sister, who he now only remembers as 152. With his sister used as leverage and pumped full of drugs he becomes the most prized, sadistic and lethal Ubiytsa – killing machine – to his Mistress. He is fierce, loyal and savage but unlike our other Scarred Souls heroes, Luka and Zaal, 194 don’t lose all of his memories – he remembers his name and he remembers his sister. He is determined to do everything to save her and take her away from her vicious captor. So he does what he is told and waits for the perfect opportunity to save his sister.

His Mistress sends him on a mission to torture and kill one of her enemies, and while scoping out his target, he captures a Georgian woman who he knows is connected to his target. Now he must use her to get the information he wants to take down the target.

“The side of my lip curled up in satisfaction. This female was someone to the hit. And she’d just made herself my prey.”

After her beloved brothers Zaal and Anri were taken and the rest of her family was brutally massacred when she was just a young girl, Zoya Kostava was thought to be dead. With the help from people loyal to the Kostava Clan she scarcely made it out alive and ever since, she has been searching for her brothers – hoping that they are still alive. She is overjoyed to learn that Zaal is alive and even though she is advised to wait – she goes to see him immediately. While standing outside her brother’s apartment she is grabbed by a heavily scarred Russian man. He frightens her at first but she still refuses to break and give up information about her brother. However, the more time goes by she realizes that he could be like her brothers and like her – a broken/scarred soul.

“My stomach clenched as I stared at his scarred body and face, those tortured blue eyes. Suddenly all I saw was my twin brothers standing before me. My brothers forced into brutal slavery. My brothers, who had once been pure and good men. And like Zaal, my captor too could have once been a good man.”

This love story is the coming-together of two broken and scared individuals who have lead incredibly hard and lonely lives. But they find love in the most crazy of situations and will now have to fight to stay strong and to stay together.

Tille Cole writes with such passion that it practically drips from the pages; you can feel yourself surrounded by the greatness of her storytelling. The hero, 194 is incredibly tortured and broken, and we love him for it. But Zoya is the real page stealer – she loves with everything that she is and doesn’t mind showing it. This was another fantastic installment in the Scarred Souls Series, and I can’t wait to see what Tillie Cole does next with these dark heroes. This was a beautiful and hautning 5 star read for me. I simply can’t wait to read it all over again and relive it. Where is April already? I need that last book!!!!

By Sandie


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