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#Review Waking Olivia by Elizabeth O’Roark #MustRead #5stars #Forbidden #Standalone @ElizabethORoarkWaking Olivia by Elizabeth O'Roark
Published by Elizabeth O'Roark on March 14th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Sports
Pages: 378
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"That girl isn't just trouble of the not-a-team-player, not-a-reliable-runner variety. She's trouble of the devious, manipulative, too-f***ing-hot-for-her-own good variety. She's the kind of girl who causes trouble merely by existing, and then makes sure to cause more.
And the last thing I need right now is more trouble."

A failing farm.
His father’s debt.
And a struggling college track team.
Will Langstrom has too many responsibilities, and the last thing he needs is Olivia Finnegan, a beautiful but troubled new transfer student.

A smart mouth.
A strong right hook.
And a secret that could destroy her.
Olivia is her own worst enemy, with a past she can’t seem to escape, and the last person she wants help from is a cocky track coach she can never seem to please.
Refusing to be pushed away, Will is determined to save her.
And determined to resist an attraction that could destroy them both.

A friend read this and told me she thought it was the kind of story I would enjoy, and boy was she right! I LOVED this book! I didn’t want to put it down for a minute, much less to sleep. It was just so good. The characters, the plot, and the pacing were all perfect. I want to go out and read the rest of her books right this minute, just so I can experience more of this magic.

“Being attractive is the next best thing to a superpower. It’s a get-out-of-jail-free card, causing men to overlook my many other terrible qualities. And I have so, so many terrible qualities.”

Olivia Finnegan broke my heart. She was equal parts strong and fragile. She works so hard to keep people away, believing the worst about herself. She is just so broken and alone. Parts of her past hurt to read about. She has nothing going for her except her running. Running is her escape, but she can only run so far, for so long, until everything catches up with her.

Will is struggling. He’s faced with a life he doesn’t want, and didn’t plan for. He is such a good guy. He loves his family, and makes sacrifices for his mom and brother by giving up what he loves. He’s trying to do what is best for everyone but himself.

“I came here solely to be coached by McEwan, thinking he might turn it around for me, and instead I’m being coached by some cocky asshole who probably didn’t even run high school track”

Olivia immediately puts Will on the defensive. He only sees the surly, aggressive girl she portrays, and he doesn’t want her on any team of his. He lashes out and she retaliates. The sparks between these two are explosive! Eventually, he starts to see past her prickly exterior, and that’s not necessarily a good thing when his job, and very livelihood, are on the line.

“She believes she deserves nothing from anyone, yet something about her makes me want to give her everything.”

This book had everything…a forbidden romance, slow burn, enemies-to-lovers, everything I adore. Add in a heroine with a troubled past, a murder mystery, jealousy, heartbreak and you get a riveting and engaging story. The writing was effortless and I appreciated the dual POV. I felt so many emotions while reading. The angst just about killed me in the best way. Olivia’s pain and solitude, Will’s struggles, the effort between these two to fight their feelings, every single emotion leapt off the page.

“’You already make everything better,’ I tell him. ‘And you’re the only one who ever has.’”

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