#Review Sacrifice Love (Saints Protection & Investigations, #4) by Maryann Jordan #Series #5Stars

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#Review Sacrifice Love (Saints Protection & Investigations, #4) by Maryann Jordan #Series #5StarsSacrifice Love by Maryann Jordan
on July 1st 2016
Genres: Military, Romantic Suspense
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Saints Protection & Investigations
A private investigation business, pulling together men from the CIA, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, SEALS, and police, devoted to the missions no one else wants or can solve.

Chad Fornelli was used to a life of sacrifice, as a former ATF ordnance disposal expert. At the funeral of Adam, his friend and former ATF partner, saying goodbye was not the hardest part of the day for Chad. It was seeing his friend’s widow and remembering how he let the woman he loved two years earlier get away.

Full of regrets over missed chances, he vowed to correct his past mistakes.

Dani Turner had watched the man she love walk away two years ago and now buried her husband. Wondering if she and Chad had another chance together, she was willing to see if they had a future. But…her little surprise might change everything.

The investigation into the explosion that killed Adam had Chad racing against the clock to stop an ISIS cell in Virginia from building more bombs. And evidence pointed to his friend being involved with the terrorists.

Untangling the mystery, Dani was caught in the terrorist’s crosshairs as she and Chad worked together to prove Adam’s innocence…and save her life.

Will they be able to live long enough to have their second chance?

Sacrifice Love is an amazing second chance love story. It combines romance with action and suspense that will have you guessing while on the edge of your seat. There is plenty of romantic heat and a sweet and protective alpha hero to keep you swooning. It is part of “The Saints Protection and Investigation Series”. It is a standalone, but all of the books in this series are great, so just start from the beginning and read them all!

“I thought everything in my life was gone. Lost. My husband and friend. You. My job. My home. But more than that…my security, faith, self-confidence, happiness. When Adam died, I felt as though I lost everything. But now…here with you…where I always wanted to be…I’m found.”

When Dani’s husband Adam is killed in an explosion, Chad is determined to be of help to Dani, rekindle their friendship (or more) and keep her safe while The Saints get to the bottom of Adam’s connection to the terrorist cell that is believed to be responsible for the explosion. The investigation brings up more questions than answers and things are not always as they seem on the surface.

“Dani, I would walk through fire for you. Live and breathe and die for you. I’ve felt this way a long time and refuse to let one single day go by that I don’t tell you…show you…prove to you that my heart is yours.”

Every time I read a new installment in this series I’m quite sure that it is my favorite…until the next one arrives. Chad is a wonderful and caring Book Boyfriend! Sacrifice Love is definitely my favorite Maryann Jordan book….until the next one, maybe!

“You’re my world, you know,” he whispered. “Both of you…my whole, f*in’ world.”

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