#Review Vandal (Ashes & Embers #2) by Carian Cole #mustread #5stars @CarianCole

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
#Review Vandal (Ashes & Embers #2) by Carian Cole #mustread #5stars @CarianColeVandal by Carian Cole
Series: Ashes & Embers #2
on February 23, 2015
Genres: Erotica
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She takes my breath away; she is so beautifully damaged. Yes I had broken her, ravished her life, destroyed her happiness. I brought her to ultimate despair.

I was responsible for all the pain and suffering that now brought her to her knees in front of me.

Reckless in her agony.

She is a mirror of my own tortured soul.

But what I took away I can give back.In ways she cannot even begin to imagine.

She is everything right in all my wrongs.

She loves me. She needs me.
She has no idea I’m the one who wrecked her life.

** Vandal is a dark romance with light BDSM. He is emotionally damaged and manipulative, but still wants love. This book deals with death, grief, deception, substance abuse, depression, and graphic sex. If this is not your thing, you can skip this book and move onto the next in the series and you will not be lost. Vandal is not the sweetheart that the other guys in Ashes & Embers are - but even the dark and damaged deserve to be loved, right? **

I absolutely love Vandal, a story so beautiful and harsh, a contradiction just as its hero is. Vandal is a damaged, tortured man who believes that he unworthy and not redeemable. The beginning of the story is so heartbreaking and emotional.

“The mix of her presence and her void is completely overwhelming, and I fall to my knees in the middle of the room. The pain in my chest is like nothing I’ve ever felt before, as if my heart is being ripped from my body and sliced into tiny pieces. I want her back so bad. I want to just feel her tiny hand in mine and tuck her into bed”

When Vandal sees the young widow grieving at the cemetery, he is so drawn to her. He knows he should stay away from Tabitha, but the attraction is so strong and he wants to somehow find a way to help her heal.

“I can’t take my eyes off of her. She absolutely takes my breath away. She’s so beautifully damaged. She’s wrecked. I can see it in her lifeless eyes. And now I want to fix her in the only way I know how.”

This book deals with the death of a child, BDSM, fetishes, cutting, addictions and many harsh realities of the human condition, but underlining it all is the feeling that hope can survive and grow in even the darkest corner (and I believe that Sterling is the perfect example of that.)

“you became the moon and stars in my dark nights. Your love is like a fire that burns into my soul. I can’t lose you, too.”

For a re-read I listened to the audiobook of Vandal. The narrators, Joe Arden and Maxine Mitchell do an amazing job bringing to life this beautiful story and these amazing characters. Joe let us hear the tenderness that Vandal tries to keep hidden under his rough, alpha side. Maxine’s perfect performance as Tabitha cemented her place in my heart.

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