#Review Until There was You by J.J. Bamber #Standalone #M/M #ContemporaryRomance

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#Review Until There was You by J.J. Bamber #Standalone #M/M #ContemporaryRomanceUntil There was You by J.J. Bamber
on September 9th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, M/M
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The morning after their tenth anniversary, Nathanial wakes up to find his lover, Adam, is gone, their finances in ruin, and he's about to lose the house. Overwhelmed and at a loss, he takes his son Bailey and returns to his childhood home—the home he left ten years ago after his relationship with Adam was discovered.

With his present in shambles, the future uncertain, and nowhere else to go, Nathaniel has no choice but to face his past and hope that something can be built from the wreckage

We all know the premise, mommy/daddy/child. Daddy leaves and mommy/child have to start their lives over… In this case, we have Daddy (Nate), Papa (Joshua), and Bailey. It is the classic single parent story, where Nate has lost everything because of his love and faith in Joshua, who is a real coward. Nate and Bailey pack up their lives and go back to the family, Nate ran away from at 16.

Here he meets Abel – the former bully who made Nate’s life hell in high school. But from the moment Abel is introduced, you become aware of how he has changed. The way he helps Nate come to terms with the hurt he feels and how being a friend to Nate is really a great foundation to the growing relationship.

In the times of smut books, this is a breath of fresh air… There are no explicit sex scenes in this book, and it felt nice since it is was the storyline and the characters that made the plot move forward. The easy banter between Nate and Abel felt real and honest. The relationship between them moved slowly but surely from friendship to love and it was especially great to feel them both interact with Bailey.

Now Bailey, he is a star on his own – I have and always will be a sucker for kids in the books I read, and Bailey was no different. Sure he is 4 going on 60, who speaks and observes things he shouldn’t be able to, and then he startes sucking on his thumb and my heart melts. There is a particular scene towards the end that made me fall in love with this little boy who has decided to save and protect his daddy from getting hurt even more…

This book is certainly worth the time I spent with these 3 extraordinary men. A solid 4 star read.

By Sandie


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